Unveiling Opulence: Top 10 Luxury Electric Cars in The World – Your Guide to Elegance and Performance

The maturation of electric car technology is underscored by the burgeoning market for premium-branded luxury EVs. Tesla pioneered this segment a decade ago, but now numerous manufacturers vie fiercely to establish their presence at the forefront of this rapidly growing market.

Within this competitive landscape, manufacturers adopt diverse strategies, emphasizing luxury, performance, SUV bodystyle, or a fusion of these elements. The offerings vary in size, accommodating different preferences, and the competition involves both established automotive industry leaders and disruptive newcomers.

For those seeking electric cars with impressive range and practicality, this chart presents a comprehensive lineup. It’s where Teslas compete with Mercedes EQs, BMW i cars, Audi E-trons, and the latest Porsches. If you possess a substantial budget for an electric family car, these contenders boast claimed ranges exceeding 400 miles, making them reliable choices for any journey. This marks the intersection where cutting-edge technology and luxury converge, shaping the future of electric vehicles.

Here are top 10 luxury electric cars in the world available now or the near future

1) BMW i7

The ascendancy of electric vehicles is underscored by the premiere of BMW’s all-new 7 Series flagship, with the initial model to grace showrooms being the electric i7. While plug-in hybrids are slated for subsequent releases, the i7 takes the lead in setting the tone for the future, especially in Europe. Notably, this seventh generation marks BMW’s compelling foray into the luxury car arena, presenting a viable alternative to the dominant Mercedes S-Class.

The i7 makes a statement upon arrival, with its robust and sizable presence ensuring it captures attention on any road. While not traditionally elegant, its monumental proportions cater to those who wish to flaunt their success. The interior is equally impressive, focusing on exquisite craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology rather than flashy design. Rich materials envelop the cabin, complemented by sleek screens accessible via the iDrive rotary controller. Rear passengers can revel in an optional 31.3-inch drop-down screen, offering a cinematic experience on the move.

Despite its substantial weight, the i7 delivers a commendable driving experience, thanks to features like four-wheel steering and all-wheel drive. Precise handling, accurate steering, and robust grip characterize this large BMW. What distinguishes the i7 is its newfound ability to provide a luxurious, soothing ride, a deliberate engineering choice to emphasize comfort alongside performance. The twin-motor setup generates 536bhp for ample power, while the 102kWh battery promises an impressive 367 miles between charges. Quick charging at up to 195kW enables a 106-mile range in just 10 minutes, solidifying the i7’s status as a pioneering luxury electric vehicle.

2) Mercedes-Benz EQS

The Mercedes EQS boasts many commendable features, with its 450-plus mile range standing out as a notable factor. However, it’s the captivating technology that takes center stage, particularly the mesmerizing hyperscreen by Mercedes. This impressive 141cm (55-inch) triple screen glass panel forms the dashboard, comprising a 12.3-inch digital instrument cluster, a 17.7-inch central infotainment screen, and another 12.3-inch display atop the glovebox. This unique setup allows passengers to navigate the satnav, control audio, watch television, or indulge in a selection of games—a reminiscent experience of screens found in the backseat headrests during long-haul flights.

The rest of the cabin doesn’t fall short in elegance, featuring genuine metal and unpolished wood accents that exude class. Ambient lighting adds a touch of wow factor for passengers, creating an equally lavish experience throughout. While it may not match the rear experience of the i7 in sheer jaw-dropping visuals, the EQS offers an opulent journey that is equally luxurious in its own right.

3) Lucid Air

The Lucid Air has garnered significant acclaim since its debut, earning the prestigious title of the 2023 World Luxury Car of the Year at the 2023 World Car Awards. This accolade, determined by a vote from 100 automotive journalists across 32 countries, positioned it ahead of competitors like the BMW i7 and Genesis G90, securing its place in this list.

Throughout its development, the Lucid Air’s engineering team set the Audi A8, BMW 7 Series, and Mercedes S-Class as benchmarks, and the results are evident in its interior experience. Impressively, it delivers a seamless blend of technology, an open and airy ambiance, and top-notch materials, leaving a lasting impression during our limited time behind the wheel. Now, our anticipation heightens as we await its full launch in our region.

4) Genesis Electrified G80

As the sophisticated division of the Hyundai Motor Group, Genesis naturally presents a vehicle that exudes a higher level of luxury compared to its counterparts within the group, and the G80 exemplifies this standard.

Positioned as the flagship in Genesis’ electric lineup, the G80 boasts a refined and thoughtfully designed cabin. Nappa leather adorns the dashboard, seats, and door cards, complemented by tasteful wood trim, striking a balance that is less ostentatious than some of its competitors—an attribute that enhances its appeal. Notably, the 18-way adjustable heated and vented seats, equipped with seven air chambers for optimal comfort and posture, have earned the seal of approval from the AGR (official German back health association), ensuring a thankworthy experience for your back.

The G80 incorporates adaptive suspension, utilizing a front-facing camera to enhance ride smoothness, and features noise-canceling technology akin to high-end headphones, effectively eliminating unwanted external sounds. In essence, the G80 provides a refined and comfortable driving experience with meticulous attention to luxury and technological details.

5) Porsche Taycan

Porsche’s inaugural foray into the realm of all-electric vehicles amalgamates formidable aesthetics, remarkable performance, opulent luxury, and noteworthy practicality into a comprehensive and noteworthy package—making it a contender that demands serious consideration.

The Taycan lineup offers a diverse array of options, spanning from the entry-level, single-motor, rear-wheel-drive variant to the apex twin-motor, all-wheel-drive Taycan Turbo S. The latter boasts an impressive 715bhp and 774lb ft of torque, propelling it from 0-62mph in a mere 2.8 seconds, with a top speed of 162mph. Irrespective of the chosen version, Porsche’s commitment to premium quality is assured, coupled with an abundance of screens, including an optional one above the glovebox for the passenger’s convenience. The Taycan guarantees a harmonious blend of comfort and performance.

The highest accolade one can bestow upon it is this: the Taycan stands as a genuine Porsche that seamlessly embraces electric power. Consequently, it merits serious consideration for anyone compiling their automotive shopping list.

6) Audi e-tron GT

Ah, the counterpart to the Porsche Taycan. Built upon the same VW Group platform and sharing fundamental chassis and motor configurations, we won’t delve into the discussion of which dons the more sophisticated attire. However, we readily acknowledge this: Audi has consistently excelled in crafting interiors, and this strength is prominently evident here.

As anticipated, the e-tron GT lives up to expectations. The driver is greeted with a 12.3-inch virtual cockpit, complemented by a 10.1-inch infotainment display at the center, featuring just the right amount of tactile switchgear. Abundant Alcantara adds a touch of luxury, and the spacious interior comfortably accommodates five passengers.

Plenty to appreciate, indeed. Positioned more as a swift grand tourer than a four-door sports car akin to the Taycan, the Audi, in our experience, offers a more comfortable and roomy ride, albeit marginally (and we mean marginally) slower. This implies that if we were to tally points, the Audi would likely edge ahead.

7) Jaguar I-Pace

The I-Pace stands as the inaugural luxury electric car from a mainstream manufacturer to boldly challenge Tesla in the upper echelons of the market. Fulfilled to its core, it excels in handling dynamics, showcases top-tier interior quality, and boasts a distinctive design that leans slightly more towards an SUV than a saloon, embodying both allure and innovation.

This vehicle establishes a benchmark for ride and handling within its electric crossover-SUV counterparts, harnessing robust performance from its twin 197bhp motors and embodying the essence of a premium-branded electric car—a design unencumbered by convention.

While the I-Pace supports rapid charging up to 100kW, its real-world range of 220 miles proves somewhat underwhelming, tempering its potential as a long-distance touring vehicle. Additionally, the occasionally glitchy charging software hampers its ease of use when attempting to plug in on the go. For those less reliant on public rapid charging or frequently pushing the car’s electric autonomy boundaries, the I-Pace stands out as a compelling choice among its competitors.

Its remarkable driving experience, coupled with captivating aesthetics, positions it favorably. However, it’s worth noting that the I-Pace, though still impressive, has aged a bit since its debut in 2018, remaining largely unchanged while some rivals have undergone updates or replacements.

8) BMW iX

Described by our reviewer as “A BMW like no other,” the iX stands as the brand’s latest venture into the realm of all-electric luxury SUVs, positioned as the flagship model for its ‘i’ brand. While opinions on its unconventional aesthetics vary, the iX unmistakably aims to elicit reactions and break away from classic BMW design conventions.

Munich, known for pushing design boundaries, has meticulously crafted the iX to serve as a pivotal electric car, marking its evolution from an internal combustion car manufacturer to a brand predominantly focused on zero-emissions models. Comparable in size to the X5, the iX features a specialized platform incorporating lightweight composite materials and mixed metals, driven by an electric motor on each axle.

The entry-level iX xDrive40, starting just below £70,000, delivers 296bhp and a WLTP-certified electric range of 249 miles. Opting for the £92k xDrive50 model brings substantial upgrades: 516bhp, 373 miles of range, and a rapid charging capacity of 200kW. An anticipated iX xDriveM60 model promises even more power and performance, albeit with no iX weighing less than 2.5 tonnes due to the lightweight platform.

In a head-to-head comparison, the iX outperformed the Mercedes-Benz EQS, emphasizing its exceptional ride comfort, isolation, and sophistication. Beyond technical prowess, the iX presents a distinctively warmer and less formal aesthetic, both inside and out, countering the EQS’s futuristic design with a unique flair.

9) Lotus Eletre

Introducing a Lotus like no other – an electric powerhouse poised to compete with the likes of the Lamborghini Urus and Porsche Cayenne. This distinct departure into the family SUV realm emphasizes practicality without compromising luxury.

Designed with seating for up to five occupants, extendable to four with the Executive Seat Pack, the Lotus SUV prioritizes comfort. The 12-way adjustable front seats, coupled with four-zone climate control, a 15-inch touchscreen, and a standard 1,380-watt KEF 15-speaker stereo (or an optional 2,160-watt, 23-speaker KEF system for audiophiles), ensure a premium driving experience. For eco-conscious enthusiasts, six unique interior designs feature recycled man-made fabrics.

Even with these lavish features, the Lotus SUV doesn’t sacrifice space, offering up to 688 liters in the boot. Set to hit the roads later this year, this luxury electric family SUV is poised to redefine expectations in its category.

10) Rolls-Royce Spe

The Rolls-Royce Spectre serves as a fitting conclusion to this list, solidifying Rolls-Royce’s position as the epitome of luxury. The Spectre makes an immense statement with its opulent features.

Stepping inside, you’re welcomed by an extraordinary display of luxury – nearly 4,800 individually lit stars adorn the headliner, extending down into the doorcards, a first for Rolls-Royce. The interior boasts a fully digital instrument cluster, another innovative first for the brand, complemented by a substantial central touchscreen. A third screen, showcasing the Spectre logo, adds a touch of extravagance for the passenger.

The Spectre also features a bespoke, in-house-built audio system, while its all-new seat design, offering limitless personalization options, feels akin to luxurious armchairs. Additional home comforts are provided by the rug-like mats, ensuring that the Rolls-Royce Spectre stands as an unparalleled symbol of luxury.

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Embark on a journey through automotive excellence with the top 10 luxury electric cars in the world, where innovation meets opulence. From the iconic Tesla models to the revolutionary BMW iX, these vehicles redefine luxury, seamlessly integrating cutting-edge electric technology with uncompromising comfort.

The Mercedes EQS, boasting its mesmerizing hyperscreen, competes alongside the award-winning Lucid Air, setting new standards in electric sophistication. Jaguar’s I-Pace adds a touch of elegance, challenging conventions with standout handling and a captivating design.

In a world embracing electric mobility, these luxury cars emerge as pioneers, reshaping the future of eco-conscious indulgence. As we navigate this landscape, each vehicle, from the eco-friendly Fisker Ocean to the refined Rolls-Royce Spectre, represents the epitome of sustainable luxury.

Explore the intersection of performance and sustainability with these exceptional electric vehicles, driving us toward a future where luxury and eco-friendliness seamlessly coexist.

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